Heat Stress Prevention


Heat Stress Protective Supplies

High temperature environments, whether indoors or out, can become dangerous quickly, especially when strenuous physical demands of the job are also at play.

Heat stress can lead to serious and potentially deadly conditions and illnesses like heat stroke and hyperthermia, among others. Keeping body temperatures at safe levels and staying hydrated are essential in high-heat environments. Follow health and safety guidelines closely and choose industrial safety supplies with ventilation and cooling features.

We offer safety supplies and apparel designed to help regulate body temperature, including evaporative cooling vests, neck bands and high-visibility work shirts, plus hard-hat inserts and accessories, and protective hats with MiraCool technology.

G&S Safety Products also proudly carries All Sport hydrating drink mixes and freezer pops in an assortment of great tasting flavors to quickly replenish electrolytes. All Sport's products were developed with industrial workers in mind, delivering the balanced formula bodies need to stay healthy and focused in heat-stress environments, in streamlined packaging ideal for the job site. All Sport products are Made in the USA.