6 Reasons to Buy Forester Hi-Vis Rain Bibs in Texas for Oil Rig Safety

6 Reasons to Buy Forester Hi-Vis Rain Bibs in Texas for Oil Rig Safety

Dec 15th 2023

Texas has more than one-fourth of the country's oil reserves with 300,000 workers . With more workers in the oilfield, more people are being exposed to several risks, especially when there is rain or low light. For enhanced safety in such conditions, oil & gas companies must buy Forester Hi-Vis rain bibs in Texas and procure other PPE gear. Here are the six reasons that emphasize the need for proper high-vis rain kits in oil rigs.

6 Reasons to Buy Forester Hi-Vis Rain Bibs in Texas

1. Waterproof & Breathable

Engineered from 300 denier polyester with a polyurethane coating, Forester Hi-Vis Rain Bibs establish a formidable waterproof barrier. This keeps you dry during rain showers and allows the fabric to breathe. The breathable design lets water vapor escape, preventing condensation and overheating. Enhanced by a mesh lining, these bibs facilitate optimal air circulation, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable in diverse weather conditions.

2.High Visibility

In vibrant yellow or orange colors, adhering to ANSI/ISEA 107 Class E standards, these bibs improve visibility in low-light scenarios. Adding an extra layer of safety, 2-inch silver reflective stripes on the legs and chest reflect light from all angles, making you easily noticeable. Whether in fog or dim light, these bibs enhance your visibility, reducing the risk of accidents.

3. Comfort & Customization

The design of Forester Hi-Vis Rain Bibs prioritizes user comfort. Elastic suspenders with quick-release buckles simplify putting on and taking off the bibs. Adjustable leg cuffs with snaps also enable a tailored fit, accommodating different preferences and footwear choices. The bibs' fine cut ensures unrestricted movement, allowing you to work freely without compromising comfort.

4. Durability

Reinforced knees and seat areas strengthen Forester Hi-Vis Rain Bibs against wear and tear, particularly during frequent bending and kneeling. Heavy-duty zippers and snaps resist corrosion even when exposed to water and chemicals. The fabric's resistance to abrasion, puncture, tear, and UV damage guarantees longevity, ensuring the bibs maintain their quality and functionality over time.

5. Fire Resistance for Added Safety

Beyond their waterproof prowess, buying Forester Hi-Vis Rain Bibs in Texas brings a fire-resistant feature. This feature is especially crucial for those working with flammable substances, providing protection against ignition, combustion, or melting in the presence of fire or heat sources.

6. Affordable

Contrary to the common trade-off between quality and cost, Forester Hi-Vis Rain Bibs has a balance. These bibs, while packed with technical excellence, remain reasonably priced. Offering a cost-effective solution, they stand out among alternatives with similar features, providing commendable value for your investment.

Bottom Line

Forester Hi-Vis Rain Bibs are the ultimate choice for oil rig workers in Texas who want to stay safe, dry, and comfortable in any weather. They offer unmatched water resistance, breathability, visibility, comfort, durability, and fire resistance, making them worth every penny. If you want to buy Forester Hi-Vis Rain Bibs in Texas, visit G&S Safety Products today and place your order. We offer fast shipping and excellent customer service. Don't miss this opportunity to get the best rain bibs for oil rig safety.