FR Apparel

The terms "Flame Resistant" and "Flame Retardant" are commonly confused or referred to interchangeably, often with the abbreviation "FR," but there are differences between the two terms.

Flame resistant ("fire resistant") refers to materials that are inherently nonflammable and will not melt or easily ignite. Many flame resistant fabrics are not made from 100% nonflammable fibers. It may be possible for fabrics labeled as flame resistant to catch fire with prolonged exposure to flames, but they will burn at a slower rate or may self-extinguish.

Flame retardant ("fire retardant") garments have been chemically treated or coated to limit flammability. Flame retardant fabrics can be made of any material, natural or synthetic, but must be specially treated to be labeled as flame retardant.

Both types of FR clothing are tested against various levels and lengths of exposure to high heat and open flames to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and other safety agency certifications.

G&S Safety Products carries both flame resistant and retardant apparel including FR jackets, FR hooded sweatshirts, shirts, pants and coveralls, plus high-heat and FR safety gear including FR hardhat liners, protective sleeves and welding gloves, FR rated hi-vis safety apparel, and more.