Airport Ramp Safety: The Importance of Buying Hi-Vis Type R Class 3 Shirts for Ground Staff

Airport Ramp Safety: The Importance of Buying Hi-Vis Type R Class 3 Shirts for Ground Staff

Dec 15th 2023

Working on the dynamic and potentially risky airport ramp demands a laser focus on safety. Ground staff members involved in a myriad of tasks ranging from baggage handling to aircraft servicing must maintain visibility to prevent accidents and ensure efficient operations. Let’s explore the significance of buying Hi-Vis Type R Class 3 shirts — explaining what they are, why they are indispensable for airport ramp safety, how to procure them, and where to find reliable sources.

Understanding Hi-Vis Type R Class 3 Shirts: A Closer Look

Hi-vis Type R Class 3 shirts stand as high-visibility garments meticulously designed to meet the stringent ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 standard for road workers. This American National Standard meticulously outlines performance requirements and design criteria crucial for high-visibility apparel worn by workers regularly exposed to traffic or moving vehicles.

The standard categorizes garments into three distinct types and three visibility classes:


  • Type O - Suited for off-road tasks with minimal traffic exposure.
  • Type R - Tailored for roadway tasks, it fits airport ground staff perfectly.
  • Type P - Customized for public safety roles like law enforcement or emergency responders.


  • Class 1 - Offering minimum visibility, suitable for low-risk environments.
  • Class 2 - An intermediate visibility level ideal for medium-risk environments.
  • Class 3 - Providing maximum visibility crucial for high-risk environments encountered by airport ground staff.

Why Buy Hi-Vis Type R Class 3 Shirts for Airport Ramp Safety?

1. Enhanced Visibility

Hi-vis Type R Class 3 shirts significantly elevate visibility levels, reducing the risk of collisions, injuries, or fatalities. Studies conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) underscore the pivotal role of high-visibility clothing in minimizing human error, thereby enhancing situational awareness among ground staff.

2. Communication Enhancement

These shirts, beyond their visibility benefits, serve as role identifiers, facilitating seamless communication and coordination among ground staff. FAA studies pinpoint communication errors as a significant contributor to runway incursions, making these shirts an invaluable tool in preventing such incidents.

3. Professionalism Boost

Beyond safety, buying Hi-Vis Type R Class 3 shirts contributes to the overall professionalism of ground staff. Creating a uniform appearance, these garments instill a sense of competence and dedication. Passenger surveys, as highlighted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), consistently underscore safety as the paramount factor in airline selection.

Uplifting Safety Standards with Hi-Vis Type R Class 3 Shirts

Acquiring Hi-Vis Type R Class 3 shirts is an indispensable investment for airport ramp safety. Their role in enhancing visibility, improving communication, and fostering a professional appearance contributes significantly to accident prevention and overall operational efficiency. If you're contemplating the acquisition of these essential garments, it is imperative to seek out a reliable source offering high-quality products characterized by affordability and prompt delivery.

For a reputable source to buy Hi-Vis Type R Class 3 shirts, consider exploring G&S Safety Products. Enhance your safety standards and operational efficiency with this essential gear.