Hi-Vis Apparel

Hi-Vis Clothing and Safety Apparel

High visibility apparel and neon safety clothes help make it easier to spot your crew in traffic, inclement weather, low-light, or any situation where worker visibility is essential.

Hi-vis apparel is available in several color and style options for both men and women, with a range of features designed for practicality, performance, and comfort in all seasons and settings. Short or long sleeve hi-vis shirts and sweatshirts can be worn independently or combined with other hi vis clothing and work safety accessories including pants, bibs, class 2 and class 3 neon safety vests, gloves, and hats for head-to-toe visibility.

When weather or other environmental conditions are a factor, keep your team warm, dry, and noticeable with the right high visibility outerwear. Whether you need lightweight vests and jackets to more heavily insulated bomber jackets and parkas, rain-resistant bodywear or more extreme waterproof gear, G&S Safety Products has you covered.