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Duct Tape And Marking Tape

Adhesive Utility Tape, Marking and Barricade Tape, and Flagging Ribbons

Workplace safety gear isn't limited to the apparel and personal protective equipment workers wear on the job.

Create a safer environment for anyone operating in or near the project site with the right safety markers. Marking tape and ribbons are designed for high visibility and weather resistance.

Highly noticeable "Danger" and "Caution" barricade tape alert anyone in the area to your designated parameters, reducing risk of accidents, liabilities, and unwanted interference. Fluorescent flagging ribbons come in your choice of bright, neon colors so workers can easily mark, label, and keep the whole team aware of important or potentially high-risk areas on your job site.

Find more high-visibility jobsite markers including cones, traffic signs and warning flags, on our Traffic Safety supplies page.

  • Industrial Grade Electrical Tape Industrial Grade Electrical Tape spec sheet

    Shurtape®EV-57 Industrial Grade Electrical Tape

      7 mil SPVC film electrical tape High tensile strength UL listed electrical tape 3/4” X 66 FT Sold individually by the roll or for bulk pricing, 10 rolls per pack (100 rolls/10 packs per case)

    $2.75 $1.99
  • Fluorescent Glo Flagging Ribbon Lime Glo Fluorescent Glo Flagging Ribbon Orange Glo

    Harris Fluorescent Glo Flagging Ribbons

      Designed for high visibility Increased tinsel strength with 4.5mil thickness Weather resistant and resists fading Temperature resistant to –20°F Non-flammable Heavy embossing 1 3/16 inch roll width 150 feet per roll...

    $4.35 $2.15
  • Clear Production Grade Packing Tape

    Clear Production Grade Packing Tape

    1.9 mil production grade with 30 micron cast BOPP film Aggressive synthetic rubber / resin hot melt adhesive 48MM X 100 M or 2” X 110yds Sold individually by the roll or for bulk pricing, 36 rolls per case (packaged 6 rolls per pack)

    $5.95 $4.75
  • Red Barricade Tape (DANGER)

    Red Barricade Tape (DANGER)

      • An economical, and reusable marking solution• Manufactured for durability and resistance to weather• 2.0 mil thickness• 3” roll width• 1,000 foot length per roll• Ideal for construction, utilities,...

    $8.55 $6.95
  • Yellow CAUTION Barricade Tape

    Yellow CAUTION Barricade Tape

      • An affordable and reusable marking solution • Manufactured with durability and weather resistance in mind • Comes in a thickness of 2.0 mm • The roll has a width of 3" and provides a length of 1,000...

    $9.25 $6.95