Disposable Protective Clothing

Disposable protective clothing is an essential component of PPE for professionals working in a number of industries and environments, including medical, laboratory, municipal and utility, food service, janitorial, construction, painting, and many others.

Disposable protective suits provide a barrier against specific types of substances, from dry dirt and dust to liquid spill, splash, and spray – including hazardous materials and contaminants. Single-use or limited-use work suits and other garments are intended to provide safe and sanitary protection for the wearer and others with whom they may come in contact, while also helping to maintain a standard of cleanliness when transitioning from a work environment to other spaces.

Disposable body suits and clothing items are available in a variety of materials and coverage options, from full-body polypropylene and Tyvek suits and coveralls, to aprons, protective arm sleeves, shoe coverings / booties, and other individual apparel pieces. Many styles are designed to be worn with safety goggles, respiratory protection, and other safety equipment supplies.