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Knee Pads

  • Deluxe Butterfly Knee Pads  ## 1922 ##

    Deluxe Butterfly Knee Pads

    - Deluxe Butterfly model offers excellent protection and expanded benefit of a non-marring hard caps made of abrasion resistant plastic - The surface with gripping ridges help prevent against sliding and slipping - Soft 600D cloth padding - ONE SIZE FITS...

  • Hard Plastic Cap Knee Pads  ## 1924 ##

    Hard Plastic Cap Knee Pads

    Exterior polyester fabric, expandable PE liner. PE cap secured with rivets. Adjustable straps for extended comfort. Double hook and loop closure. Sold by the pair.

  • Heavy Duty Knee Pads with Turtleback Shell ## 1923 ##

    Heavy Duty Knee Pads with Turtleback Shell

    - Heavy duty oversized protection with PE gel insert molded elevated turtleback shell for improved stability and traction - Fully stitched polyester thread sewn on cap keeps debris out from under cap - Two adjustable straps with rotary 35 degree - high...