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Heat & Stress Prevention

  • Sqwincher® Energy Sqweeze Pops  ## 159200201 ## Sqwincher® Energy Sqweeze Pops - Case of Assorted Flavors

    Sqwincher® Energy Sqweeze Pops - Case of Assorted Flavors

    • Only three ounces of heat busting cooling power• Quickly cools core temperature• Freezer pop that replenishes electrolytes• Cools you down and helps re hydrate• Freeze and eat• Priced per case, 150 Sqweeze pops per...

  • Sqwincher® Energy Chews  ## 010370-OR ## Sqwincher® Energy Chews - Orange

    Sqwincher® Energy Chews - Box of 12 Packs

    • Great tasting alternative/addition to  electrolyte beverages• Maximum On-The-Go Consumption• Optimum convenience for busy/active lifestyles• Increases energy and recharges fatigue• Priced individually, packed 7 chews...

  • Sqwincher® Lite Quik Stiks (20oz Yield)  ## 60100 ## Sqwincher® Zero Quik Stiks (20oz Yield) Grape

    Sqwincher® Zero Quik Stiks (20oz Yield) - Pack of 50

    Sqwincher’s electrolyte replacement formula was designed specifically forthe high heat stress environment of industry. Sqwincher is absorbed intothe body 98% faster than water, allowing the body to replenish theelectrolytes and minerals needed for...

  • Occunomix® Disposable Sweatbands - Pack of 25  ## SBR25 ##

    Occunomix® Disposable Sweatbands - Pack of 25

    • Economical, disposable sweatbands  provide cool relief under hard hats–  welding helmets, and sandblast hoods• Sweatbands absorb annoying perspiration  while allowing cooling evaporation to take place• #SBR25 is a...

  • Orange Neck Gaiter

    Orange Neck Gaiter

    Orange neck gaiter, 100% polyester birds eye fabric Disclaimer: Face cover is not intended for use in diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Face Cover is not intended for medical use...

    $14.95 $7.95
  • Occunomix 95 Miracool Tie Protective Hat (ASSORTED COLORS)

    This tie hat features water activated MiraCool cooling crystals. When immersed in water they activate to artificially regulate your body temperature and keep you cool no matter where you’re working or playing. The lightweight cotton absorbs...

  • Sqwincher® ZERO  2.5 Gallon Powder Packs Sqwincher® ZERO  2.5 Gallon Powder Packs

    Sqwincher Zero 2.5 GAL Powder Pack Sugar Free, Assorted Flavors

    GLUTEN FREE LOW CALORIE YIELD - 2.5 gallons of Sqwincher 4 FLAVOR PACK - Get 8 packs each of fruit punch, grape, lemon lime and orange ELECTROLYTE REPLENISHMENT - Helps replenish fluids and electrolytes lost during physical work, exercise, or...